Depreciation schedules

Depreciation is a tax deduction available to property investors. It allows you to claim a tax deduction for the wear and tear over time on any old or new investment property. Basically it recognises that the building itself plus its internal furnishings and fittings will become worn over time and eventually need to be replaced. Up-to-date with ATO changes, the Washington Brown TaxMax500™ covers over 500 variables so literally no stone, brick or smoke alarm is left unturned.

There are two types of allowances available:

  • Plant and Equipment - refers to items within the building, like ovens, air conditioners, carpets and blinds

  • Building Allowance - constructions costs of the building itself, such as concrete and brickwork.

It doesn’t matter that you may not have paid for them originally - you, as the current owner, can continue to claim deductions as they continue to depreciate in value.

Our ATO compliant reports show the building allowance as well as a detailed list of all plant and equipment items together with the yearly amount claimable pro-rated to your settlement date. As with any tax deduction, property depreciation basically reduces your taxable income. That means more money in your pocket to reinvest in your property or to spend on yourself or your family.

As property investors, you want to make sure you are getting the most from your annual tax return. As industry leaders in property depreciation, we guarantee you the maximum tax depreciation on your investment property every time and the cost of depreciation shedule itself is also tax deductible.


As one of the most recognised and trusted names in depreciation, Washington Brown Quantity Surveyors produce more than 13,000 property tax depreciation reports Australia wide each year. Our reports have saved property investors over $2.3 billion in tax. 

8 ways to maximise your depreciation

Not all investmentproperty tax depreciation schedules are built the same.  They should but the reality is,like many things in the property world, all is not as it seems. Click here to see what Washington Brown do to maximise your claim.

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