Protect your home by protecting your income


Your home is the most important asset you will ever own

Have you thought how you might continue to make your monthly home loan repayments should an sudden illness or accident occur. This is where mortgage protection insurance or home loan insurance can assist.

Every day, we take sensible precautions to protect ourselves. We swim between the flags. We put on our seatbelts. We look left and right before crossing the road. The reason is simple. Life is full of risks, and taking precautions just makes sense. Unfortunately, the benefits of protecting our loans become just as obvious after an illness or injury. Too many people realise this too late. With Loan Protect, you’ll be taking a simple, affordable precaution that could have enormous benefits if and when the unforeseen occurs.

Vow Loan Protect is a simple life policy which pays a benefit if the insured person dies, falls terminally ill or becomes involuntarily unemployed. Vow Loan Protect also pays a benefit to the insured person if they are diagnosed with any one of the eleven medical conditions.

Vow Loan Protect is:


Independent of the loan

All jobs and hobbies are covered

No medical

Optional health questionnaire for certainty